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CO2 compensation… read more -> Summary (by Kay) With the permaculture of the KIBO project in WeiterswilLer, we are making a concrete contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by permanently binding and storing carbon. Each square metre that we can incorporate into the permaculture permanently stores between 130 and 170 kg/m2 of CO2. We could offer a direct CO2 compensation that allows people to offset their CO2 emissions by supporting our permaculture project. The compensation can take place in three stages, depending on the effort and the achieved CO2 storage. We offer this compensation only directly, in order to let all means flow directly into the permaculture locally. We document the progress and the use of the funds transparently on our website. Use of funds The proceeds from the CO2 compensation will be used to finance the development of new square meters for permaculture. Acquisition of tools, means of production and materials Plantations and afforestation Documentation and Sharing We could share our progress and experience with others, both digitally and in print. Calculations Which CO2 storage we achieve e.g. with Terra Preta The total amount of CO2 storage consists of soil preparation and planting. CO2 BINDUNG IM BODEN MIT TERRAPRETA PRO Compensation can be used to launch regenerative projects. The financing contributes to the actual aim of a compensation. Those who cause a lot of emissions are subject to the polluter-pays principle. As long as the activities of our society are directly dependent on the consumption of climate-damaging emissions – it is a good idea to use these « compensation payments » for projects like ours and not for Greenwashing/unprofitable projects. CONTRA The compensation aspect can have a soothing effect on the conscience: if I support KIBO and permaculture, I can otherwise harm the climate with a better conscience. The aspect of greenwashing often seems to be the focus of attention – especially for nations, large companies, etc. Those who have more money at their disposal can afford to damage the climate. It supports the idea that anything can be done with money. The principle of inequality is supported Kay Fricke wrote: Here are my thoughts: to 1st Pro/Contra We (still) live in a society in which the production of CO2 is unavoidable, especially through the use of fossil fuels. In this respect, we must compensate for our CO2 emissions. For the necessary compensation, the principle of climate justice is important. This means that the basis for the amount of CO2 produced is not only the direct national energy consumption / energy production, but also all CO2 that is produced for the goods and goods consumed here abroad. to 2. / 3. pro / contra The offer might have to be a better one: We store Co2, helps us to help the climate. First and foremost, we do not trade in certificates or discharges, but make concrete and exemplary CO2 reductions through our efforts. We point this out in the donations to the project and take care to create awareness also for the individual CO2 avoidance. We are also happy to receive donations from people who want to improve the climate and are on their way with minimal footprints. We reject donations for Greenwashing. An example of the offer: We do not determine the amount of CO2, we do not offer a calculator for the amount of CO2 that is generated during travel, energy and consumption. The amount must be determined by the donors themselves. We calculate m2/CO2 on the basis of the quantity and the chosen model (soil, soil and plants only or soil, plants and trees) and offer this. The donations are used earmarked for soil preparation and planting.
Terra Preta CO2 Bimdung
We will be happy to supply a certificate in return for a donation that breaks this down. We do not sell certificates and do not participate in the certificate trade. The CO2 prices correspond to our actual expenses and costs. To 4./5. We had to determine ourselves that a concrete CO2 compensation by plants and soil preparation is not possible without own properties at all. I cannot simply plant a tree anywhere without violating the law. We offer the possibility to support the planting by patent. We expressly point out with donations which measures and means of our own can be used to avoid CO2 emissions and encourage people to take these measures.

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